Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Chapter One - (post three)

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ALPHA Chapter One – (post three)

“The thing is…” begins Crescent, puffing his chest out and rocking his head from side to side ever so slowly. “The thing is, we’ve grown bigger and wiser, so they need more robots to supervise us, to keep us in line, if you like!”
“Yeah, but where do they come from? If they can increase their number, maybe we can too! Exclaims Dart, excitedly.
Arrow throws a spanner onto the floor, he’s frustrated with the conversation having heard these thoughts voiced many times before. “Impossible!” He shouts. “We are all males, the females of our species didn’t survive the break up of the planet when we were born.”
The others look at him; they all know that that there is no hope for them, no way for them to duplicate themselves like the robots have. It’s Dart who breaks the silence.
“But there must be a way, a way to…”
“Forget it Dart, we’re here, we’re alive and that’s all there is to it.” States Crescent.
“Not quite all, we’re the servants of these, these machines. We’re being controlled by a bunch of flaming robots! They tell us what to do and when to do it.”
“Yeah,” says Arrow, “we always have been Dart, and yet, we’ve been happy until now.”
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