Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Zblog #2

Zblog #2
I know that I've already said this elsewhere, but I must repeat it here on this posting, just to let you know that I am going to be making posts daily to Space Invaders! from now on. I know that I've got off to a slow start and I apologise to each and every one of you.
At the risk of repeating myself and boring you senseless I add the following remark strictly for the record. Space Invaders! is becoming one of those novels that has more words written about it than written in it! There you are, you see, I've said it now. It's the blogging equivelant of liking to hear ones own voice, perhaps!
Why do it Online? People ask me all the time. Well, good question. I think my answer would have to be that I want the challenge, I want to prove to myself that it is possible to complete such a task with the world looking over my shoulder. I want to write this novel Online because I want to communicate with my readership on a one to one name for name basis if possible in a 'warts an' all' first draft kind of environment. Phew!
All bloggers love to recieve comments and in some situations like writing a work-in-progress-novel, comments from readers not only lift the writer but also endorse the product. Of course, commenting isn't compulsory and one can never legislate such things. But it is nice to leave a comment and I don't mind if you don't like my story or the way I write it. In fact I'm actually looking for critique on this blog and I welcome anybody to leave a comment. So, if you're reading this now, and I know that you are, please leave a little comment and introduce yourself.
Some of you already know that I've found my original play script, the actual hand-written copy for Space Invaders! What you might not know is that when I wrote the play version at Withington Library in Manchester in 1984/85 I used a different colour pen or pencil for each character and I remember I wrote some of the robot bits with my left hand. Anyway, I tell you all this because my son Jack can scan the images into the computer for me and convert the files so I can show them on this blog! How cool's that? And guess what? The original artwork for the front cover by yours truely is still intact!
Look out for the conclusion of Chapter One of Space Invaders! on this blog tomorrow and for the start of Chapter Two which will take us to a very different place. I can't wait to press on with this project and see what happens. So, see you then, then!

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