Thursday, 14 February 2008

Chapter One - (post four)

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ALPHA Chapter One – (post four)

The young men’s conversation is interrupted by the sound of a loud bell ringing; it’s one of those annoying front door style electric bells, but much, much louder.

“I’m glad this work session is over.” Says Arrow, as the trio down tools and start to move away from their workbench.
“Me too,” says Dart, “I’ll be really happy when I get back to my bunk.”
“You not going to eat then, Dart? Asks Crescent, who is always hungry.
“Not yet Crescent, thanks.” Dart laughs, knowing how much his friend will be craving food right now. “I’ll eat later, I just want to lie down now, really.”
“What about you, Arrow?” Crescent asks, hoping that Arrow will be hungry for once.
Arrow looks at him and smiles and pulls a taut face; he shrugs his shoulders and makes a reply. “I’m sorry, I’m not hungry yet, I think I’ll go later too.” He says apologetically.
Although he thinks that he’s starving, Crescent doesn’t want to go to eat by himself. So, reluctantly he makes a decision “I might as well come back to the quarters with you both then.” He announces.

The young trio only just reach their shared room in the sleeping quarters when the Tanoy Bleeps. Blurp! Blurp! Blurp! It bleeps, over and over again getting louder and louder until everybody in the Dome can hear it.
Then the monotone voice of a robotic machine begins to drone.
“This is an important announcement. This is an important announcement.” It repeats itself, like someone who just likes to hear the sound of his own voice. “There will be no leisure periods until further notice. All personnel will work, eat and sleep. Work eat and sleep. I repeat. There will be no leisure periods until further notice. That is all.”
And the Tanoy Blurps. Bleep, Bleep, Bleep… it Blurps!
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